Sunday services

Our morning worship services all use music and prayer during the worship time and our pastor shares a message each week with us.

One thing that you might not expect is that we share in communion each week.  It's a time for those who have accepted Jesus as their Savior to remember and think about what Jesus has actually done for them.  We share in the bread and the cup (grape juice) as they are passed.

The church takes up an offering each week in its worship services. While you are welcome to participate in the vision of the church through our offering, we don’t want you to feel any sense of obligation to do so. This is an opportunity for those who share in the work of FCC and have made FCC Fairfield their base of operations to give back to God. Relax. We’re not after your money, we’re just glad you came for a visit.

8:00 am Sundays

Our Classic service features piano and organ and the hymns of faith that you grew up with.  Our worship reminds us of who God is and centers our hearts on our Creator.

9:00 am SUndays

With classes beginning in the Nursery and going through all ages, Sunday school isn’t just for kids. It provides many things for adults too.  It's a great place to meet people and build friendships as you study God's word and apply it to your life.

9:50 am Sundays

Join us for some "Family Time".  It's a time to catch up with old friends, make some new ones and share what's happening in our lives.

The coffee's hot and the friendships are  growing!

10:15 am Sundays

Our contemporary service features music that could be called  “pop” in style since we use drums and guitars, but it focuses on who God is and our relationship with Him.

6:00 PM sundays

Join us on Sunday evenings for a Bible study at the church, or jump into one of our Lifegroups.  You can find more information about them on our Lifegroup page.

For kids from Pre-school through 5th grade there's Kidz K.L.U.B


For students in the 6th - 12th grade there's Converge.

A nursery is also available during this time.