We all come from different backgrounds and places.

We have different experiences and knowledge.

We have different joys andhurts.

But when we become a follower of Jesus, all of those things....


That's what our Youth Ministry at FCC Fairfield is about:

  • Learning about each other and building relationships
  • Telling the story of the Bible in a way that's relevant to your students
  • Helping them grow in their own relationship with Jesus.
  • Working together for a common goal:  to bring God's Kingdom here on earth
  • And of course, having a good time

Here's What's Happening

  • Current Calendar

    You can download the current Youth Calendar here.

  • Sundays @ 9:00 AM

    During our Sunday School, we spend our time Integrating the Bible into our daily lives.  Whether it's how we should treat people or why we believe what we believe, our goal is to give your students the tools they need to grow and mature their relationship with Christ.

  • Sundays @ 6:00 pm

    You may find our students playing games, worshiping, or studying the Bible in small groups.   But whatever we're up to, our Youth Group time is all about building relationships and building strong, spiritual students, who make an impact in their world... and on ours.

  • Taco Tuesday

    For our high school students, each Tuesday, during the FCHS lunch hours, we invite them to join us for TACOS!.  for only $2 they can have all the tacos they can eat.

    Tacos, door prizes and some great music and videos... what more could you want for lunch?