See the world through God's eyes

no passport required

Each year we take one month and focus on missions;

  •       The missions we support here in the Uniited States
  •       The missions we support around the world
  •       And our mission here in Fairfield.

With our busy lives, we sometimes need a story that reminds us that simplicity leads to joy and that the opposite of poverty is not wealth, it’s discovering God’s idea of enough.   And that’s why, in 2016, we chose the theme:  "Step Into My Shoes".

in October of 2017, We shared about what's happening around the world and looked at how we could help.  Yes, we talked about sending money and making a Faith Promise, but it was so much more than that;

All of that happened in October of 2017 and we had over $325,000.00 promised for missions in 2018.  It was a great month and we're already looking forward to next year!